Poolyard Villa

A new two and a half storey Courtyard Villa in historical city of Ipoh, Malaysia

design philosophy
The site is situated in the suburb area 20 minutes away from the historical city of Ipoh, facing an open field overlooking the skyline of the city on the West direction. Working in this site context and together on responding to the strong straits eclectic and British colonial characterised architecture of the city, the concept of courtyard house is adapted.

With such traditional concept, a contemporary approach is then taken to develop the design not only to tackle the current environmental issues, but also to face the ongoing social issue and to reflect the raising cultural issue.

design statement
Re-look into the past and re-interprete traditional courtyard house in a contemporary manner.
“The main difference between contemporary design to modern design is, contemporary does not aim for aesthetically successful but rather understanding the environmental, social and cultural issues happening at this current time and to reflect them through the development of the design, the result should be something provocative in the mind of the habitants.”


targeted completion