Not just a corner terrace

The exterior the 2 houses do not differ much from the rest of the suburb residential neighbourhood of Shah Alam which is surrounded by greens and open fields. However, with closer inspection, the two units of the terrace, one corner unit and an intermediate unit next to, can been seen as one entity standing elegantly.
A new suspended ‘box’ inserted at the corner unit as new extension to the reading area, allows the owners to indulge in the surrounding greens while enjoying their reading. A new second master bedroom, to cater the owners for retreat in the day time, is introduced on the ground floor at the corner unit opening out to the private linear garden.

On the internal spaces, the original bedrooms walls are remained, while the rest of the spaces are totally redefined to allow flexibility in terms of function. Walls are taken down and replaced by layers of full height glass doors, making the new space flooded with daylight and allowing maximum air ventilation. Even portion of the uppen floor slab is opened up to create a courtyard with a water pond and a tree planter, allowing the occupants to immerse in the outdoor enviroment without being physically out, therefore achieving the ‘outdoor in and indoor out’ and yet maintaining security.

Full height folding glass doors brings not just daylight into the house but also flexibitilties to the spaces. The new semi outdoor patio can be turned into an extension to the living area, same to the tea deck that can form as extension to the dining area.