Jelutong Inside

Not just a corner terrace

The new floor finishes are minimal, with seamless white stone finish on the ground and light oak timber on the upper floor, integrating all the spaces and creating openess. On the upper floor, no definite walls to close up the library and reading area, insteads bookshelves are used as screens to align the space.
On the contrary, the bedroom and bathrooms are finished with painted bricks, natural stones and louvres, furnished with textured soft furnihisng together with dark grey metal and tropical timber, brings a lot feel of a ‘retreat resort’ and contrasts the contemporary ‘white and minimal’ space of the common areas.

The finishing of the house are intentionally kept to minimal. There are parts meant to be left blank. In general, the ‘white’ dominates, with no wall coverings and limited to certain selected materials. Built-in cabinets are full height tight inside the walls while providing daily storage areas.

The furniture is carefully selected and strategically arranged to not hinder the openess, in return they poetically define the spaces. Artistic touch like asian antique pieces displayed on shelves, contemporary artworks on the walls, texture and patterns of cushions on the sofa couch, adding intellectual, artistic and soft touches to the whole space.