Courtyard Mall

Photographs © Core Design Workshop Sdn Bhd

A refurbishment and upgrading of an existing neighbourhood mall in SS15 Subang Jaya, state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Situated in the busiest part of the bustling township, the brief calls to refurbish an existing unsuccessful mall and turning it to a neighbourhood F+B hub with other supporting retails with the theme of ‘Courtyard’.

A central atrium was created through major structural modifications to achieve the required theme. A ‘light well courtyard’ was then introduced and conceptualised the overall mall design, bringing as much daylight (artificially) to the centre stage of the mall and eventually fading off into the dimmer sides on the mall walkways. To intensify the concept, a few stretched membrane ceiling light boxes were installed at pockets along the mall to form smaller lightwells as secondary nodes.

design statement
The design aims to give a different feel to each corner within the mall through manipulating space, layout and building materials. The ‘Courtyard’ evokes a sense of tranquility and the mall is filled with vibrant energy throughout with the play of lights, finishes and spatial experience.

Jan 2015

Feb 2016